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  • Optimizing your WiFi’s DTIM Interval

    Most wireless routers (especially the higher-end devices) allow you to change the DTIM interval in a menu for advanced wireless settings. This article will help you understand the DTIM interval. DTIM is a multiplier of the beacon interval. The beacon interval is the time (ms) …

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  • T-Mobile Network Modernization Live in 37 Markets

    Throughout this year we have seen T-Mobile roll out their Challenger Strategy – a mission to modernize their network after the failed AT&T merger and rise up as a powerful national carrier. The strategy included tower upgrades and spectrum refarming in an effort to get ready for …

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  • Fixing Delays in Apple’s AirPlay Mirroring

    OS X Mountain Lion introduced a fantastic new feature for users with an Apple TV: AirPlay mirroring now allows you to mirror your desktop to a TV wirelessly through an Apple TV.While the new feature has the ability to work great when streaming video (think …

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  • Connecting your MacBook to a TV or Projector

    The first step to connecting your MacBook to an external display is familiarizing yourself with the ports and cables necessary to get the job done. HDMI cables carry both video and audio, and are the easiest way to connect a computer to nearly any HDTV. …

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  • Creating a WiFi Password

    It’s important to secure your wireless network to keep neighbors and intruders out, ensuring high security and performance on your network. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to set up passwords on your wireless network. First, you need to navigate to your router’s configuration page …

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