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  • Finding Your WiFi Password

    If you don’t remember your WiFi password and don’t have it written down anywhere, you can visit your router’s configuration pages and check it there. All you need is a computer that is connected to the network via wire or wireless. Windows If that computer runs …

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  • Accessing Your Router Configuration Page

    These are the default IPs, usernames, and passwords for accessing router configuration pages through your web browser. These are the pages you would use to change settings for your network router such as WiFi passwords, encryption settings, DNS servers, etc. Note that these could be …

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  • Explaining Interleaving

    Interleaving on networks is an error-correction technique which can be used to correct data loss in packets sent over networks. It works by spreading out data bits across several packets, so data loss can be reversed by the client.  Interleaving can be advantageous to poor-quality lines; The …

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  • Decreasing a High Ping

    If you’re a gamer, and especially if you play multilayer first person shooters, you should care about your ping. A lower ping can reduce lag for you and others, and it can greatly help your in-game success. (How often do you hear people blaming their …

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  • What is Ping Jitter

    You may have seen the term ping jitter while doing an internet speed test. Ping Jitter is is a measure of how much latency varies over a period of time. Lower jitter is advantageous because it means your ping times are more consistent, and therefore …

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