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  • DoS vs. DDoS

    You may have heard of a DoS or DDoS attack and you may be wondering what it is or what the difference is. First, DDoS and DoS attacks are illegal in the US under 12 statures; this article is only for information purposes. A DoS …

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  • Setting up a basic DSL/Cable network

    This is a very simple tutorial on how to set up a basic DSL/Cable home network. To make this the most common scenario, this tutorial will help you get a DSL or cable modem to a router and then to a wired or wireless PC. …

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  • Change Preferred Wireless Networks – XP, Vista, and Windows 7

    Windows 7 Open the Networking and Sharing Center. On the left side you will see some links, click Manage Wireless Networks. Here you can add, remove, and change the order of the wireless networks by dragging them. Windows Vista Open the Networking and Sharing Center. …

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  • How to Speed up Internet Between Multiple Computers – How QoS Works

    How to you speed up your internet connection speed if you have multiple computers in your network? You can’t increase your available bandwidth, but you can change the way that bandwidth is distributed. Using QOS (Quality of Service) on your router and computers, you can …

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  • How IP Addresses Work

    Each computer or device on a network has a unique IP address. When one device needs to send data to another device, it finds the other device by the IP. An example is you loading a website. Your computer finds the website and it’s IP …

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