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  • iPad Safari Reader Mode

    The web is full of clutter – ads, share buttons, navigation menus, comments, et cetera. Sometimes we want to read an article without all those distractions, and Safari on iPad allows us to do just that. Take a look at this news article on Reuters: …

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  • WiFi Optimization Tutorial

    Welcome to our collection of WiFi tutorials! We can help you optimize and secure your wireless network quickly and easily. The first step you’ll need to take is open your router/modem’s configuration page within your web browser. This is done by navigating to your router’s …

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  • Increasing Android Battery Life

    Learn how to increase your Android-powered smartphone’s battery life using simple tweaks to the default system configuration to advanced CPU frequency tuning.

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  • Do You Need an SSD?

    You’ve probably heard about solid-state drives, the expensive new data- storage devices that are faster and more reliable than traditional disk drives. You’ve probably asked yourself, “Do I need an SSD? Is it worth the price?” I bought myself an SSD for my laptop not …

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  • Eliminating lag on iPhone / iPod Touch

    Does your iPhone or iPod ever seem to lag? Is the keyboard less responsive than it should be? Are videos choppy? If you own an older model of an iPod Touch or iPhone (this pertains to the iPod Touch 2G , the iPod Touch 3G …

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