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  • 6 Things Windows Users Should Know Before Switching to Linux

    I myself am a new Linux user, after switching over my laptop to Ubuntu 11.10 a few months back. I still use Windows regularly as well; however, I can honestly say that I enjoy myself when using Ubuntu too. I can’t say that Linux is …

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  • Prey Security Review

    There’s an open-source project called Prey that promises to help you recover your computer or mobile phone in case it ever gets stolen. I went through a thorough test on both their Windows and Android clients, on both the free and pro plans, and I concluded my experiment …

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  • Realook Screen Protector Review

    After looking around for a screen protector that could offer a better experience than Zagg’s (which has an orange peel effect and “increased grip’ that I don’t want on my touchscreen), I found that people were recommending screen protectors from a company called Realook. I …

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  • Zagg Invisible Shield on a myTouch 4G Device

    Zagg Invisible Shield Review

    Last year I reviewed Zagg’s Invisible Shield on my iPod Touch, and now I’m writing a new, updated review of my experience with the Invisible Shield on my MyTouch 4G. I feel like my install on the myTouch was much quicker and smoother, perhaps because I already …

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  • Kindle 3G Web Browsing

    Update: The newest version of the Kindle (the Kindle Touch) offers limited browsing over 3G. The Kindle Touch can only access Wikipedia and the Amazon Market over 3G – when connected to WiFi, the experimental browser can access any site. People with the older Kindle Keyboard 3G …

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