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  • Efficiently Building Backlinks

    Edit: Since this is becoming a popular post about backlink building I want to include some talk about other ways to get backlinks. I’ll leave the original post below. The absolute best way to gain backlinks is to get them based on merit. Editorial backlinks …

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  • SEO Tips

    These are some quick, basic SEO tips which will help your website rank high. I’m posting these SEO tips because they’re so basic but people still miss them. Submit a sitemap to the major search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo all have Webmaster Centers where …

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  • Backlinks and Rankings

    How is pagerank and ranking determined? Is it by how many backlinks I build to my site? What are the biggest factors to ranking high? These were some very good questions I was asked, so here are the answers for everyone. How is PageRank determined? …

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  • Simple SEO Guide

    Onpage Optimization The first thing you need to do to rank well and optimize your site for search engines is to start with optimizing your site internally. You can’t rank well if your own site isn’t optimized for search engines. The good news is that …

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  • Importance of Anchor Text

    If you’re anywhere between a casual blogger to a professional webmaster, you have heard about gaining backlinks  (Well, let’s hope you have)! However, gaining links to your site is deeper than pasting a URL in your forum signature. I’m bringing up anchor text, a term …

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