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  • Prevent Form Injection

    When I first wrote this article 7-8 months ago I was very disturbed about Captcha and still am. Why? First of all because it’s just plain inaccessible to everybody. You don’t have to have the slightest vision problems (or any other problem for that matter) …

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  • How to Enable Caching from htaccess

    Allowing your visitors to cache objects from your site can vastly improve their load-time and also reduce your server load. Some browsers may not cache files if the files don’t have an expires header. To quickly and easily enable sitewide caching, you can use your htaccess …

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  • Increasing Website Conversions With Supplementary Content

    It makes sense that linking to supplementary content for articles on your website will greatly reduce bounce rates. People visit a website to find information, and linking them to more information will get them interested. I wondered if, by using supplementary content pages to reduce …

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  • Reducing Bounce Rate With Related Content

    Bounce rate is a measure of the percent of visitors who enter a website and leave without clicking through to another page on the website. Bounce rates are significant because they indicate the effectiveness of pages on visitor engagement. Lower bounce rates are desired because …

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  • Comparing the Speed of Image Hosts

    It’s not always in a webmaster’s best interest to keep images hosted on their own server. Offloading images helps reduce server load. Offloading images usually results in faster loading because image hosts use dedicated servers and quality content delivery networks to host the images. When …

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