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  • Creating 301 Redirects

    Because of popular demand from the forum, this is a tutorial on creating a 301 redirect. For those of you who don’t know, a 301 redirect is a way redirect visitors to another page and to tell search engines that the content is permanently moved. …

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  • Optimizing PHP on Apache

    There are ways webmasters can optimize Apache to reduce the load on their servers and to decrease website loading time for users. We will discuss optimizations on an Apache server, although many of these will also work on other server operating systems. This tutorial is …

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  • Optimize Your Site for High Traffic

    Imagine having your webpage go viral on one of the most popular social news websites. You could get thousands of views and you could get conversions and followers and subscribers – but your website goes down. You miss out on so much traffic because your …

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  • Choosing Web Hosting

    If you’re new to creating websites it can be difficult to choose the right web hosting. Choosing the right hosting is very important; it can determine the potential success of your website. You don’t want a slow loading and glitchy site, but at the same …

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  • Increase Website Performance

    This is a great way to increase your website’s performance without any drawbacks to this method. Not that there are great drawbacks to methods like using gzip on your files, but gzip does create some extra CPU load on your server. The method here will …

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