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  • Creating a Custom Website Login

    This tutorial will teach you the basics of creating your own web-based login form by combining HTML and PHP. You will learn how to create the login form, how to authenitcate the login, and how to serve content to logged-in users, as well as how …

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  • 6 Reasons to Track Website Visitors

    Why do we, as webmasters, analyze our website traffic? Why is it important to choose great analytic software instead of a simple web counter? It’s all about improving your website (that’s something every webmaster should care about). These are 6 reasons to analyze your website …

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  • Should You Use a Content Delivery Network?

    You’re a webmaster who wants to do everything possible to get visits to your website. You’re constantly looking for new ways to drive visitors to your site, and you’re reading this article to see if it can help you improve your site. Let’s get to …

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  • Efficiently Building Backlinks

    Edit: Since this is becoming a popular post about backlink building I want to include some talk about other ways to get backlinks. I’ll leave the original post below. The absolute best way to gain backlinks is to get them based on merit. Editorial backlinks …

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