• Realook Screen Protector Review

    After looking around for a screen protector that could offer a better experience than Zagg’s (which has an orange peel effect and “increased grip’ that I don’t want on my touchscreen), I found that people were recommending screen protectors from a company called Realook. I …

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  • Zagg Invisible Shield on a myTouch 4G Device

    Zagg Invisible Shield Review

    Last year I reviewed Zagg’s Invisible Shield on my iPod Touch, and now I’m writing a new, updated review of my experience with the Invisible Shield on my MyTouch 4G. I feel like my install on the myTouch was much quicker and smoother, perhaps because I already …

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  • Internal Linking Optimization

    Google Webmaster Tools gives us a great tool to analyze the internal linking structures on our websites. Internal links are some of the most important links because webmasters have full control over how they link to their internal pages (this can tell search engines what …

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  • Do You Need an SSD?

    You’ve probably heard about solid-state drives, the expensive new data- storage devices that are faster and more reliable than traditional disk drives. You’ve probably asked yourself, “Do I need an SSD? Is it worth the price?” I bought myself an SSD for my laptop not …

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  • Prevent Form Injection

    When I first wrote this article 7-8 months ago I was very disturbed about Captcha and still am. Why? First of all because it’s just plain inaccessible to everybody. You don’t have to have the slightest vision problems (or any other problem for that matter) …

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